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Pitt’s twitter awkwardly tried to flex on Clemson after CFP

By  January 10, 2017

Whoever was running Pitt’s twitter account Monday night thought it would be a good idea to remind Clemson that they beat them. This came directly after Clemson beat Alabama for college football’s National Championship.

Or something like that. It’s tough to really tell what Pitt was thinking, but the tweet sounded something like this: “Hey Clemson. Congrats. Remember though, we beat you.”

As you may remember, Pitt was the only team to beat Clemson this year. It was quite the scene back on November 12 as Chris Blewitt made a 48-yard field goal with six seconds left as Pitt stunned No. 2 Clemson 43-42 on the road, spoiling a record day for Deshaun Watson and complicating the Tigers’ path to the playoff.

Needless the say, the tweet was weird. It’s almost laughable that Pitt would hint at its win after the Panthers performance in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl and Clemson’s other-worldly performance in the CFP National Championship, it’s almost laughable that Pitt would hint at its win.

Can you even imagine if Pitt had to play Alabama? Come on…

I’m all for James Conner, Larry Fitzgerald Revis Island and scoring 76 points on Syracuse, but Pitt. Get ahold of yourselves.

Ordinary fans of college football didn’t respond so kindly:


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